WOW! A dry day at last! We really made the most of it as well. The boys did the usual weekend thing of staying in their Pajamas for as long as possible. But that didn’t stop them getting outside and enjoying the sun. We started the morning by tending to the front garden. It was becoming very over grown with weeds and I was getting quite embarrassed by it, so we set about removing all the weeds and feeding them to the rabbit and chickens! I need to organise some pots of plants out there now, but at least it is pretty much weed free now.

 After the gardening the boys asked if they could do some woodwork. We haven’t had this out since last summer so I was not sure what supply’s we had left and how the bits had faired over winter in a damp shed. The boys also had a new woodworking tool set upstairs that they got for Christmas. So we ran up and gathered it and thankfully found some nails and bit of wood that we could use!

I do love it when the boys do woodwork projects. I have never seen them more focused, than when they have a hammer in hand!  I really need to invest in a work bench this year. We also need to source some scrap wood as well.

The chickens really enjoyed all their tasty weeds!

I enjoyed the rare moment of sunshine that we having with all this rain in England!

Kenzie made a Robot ship and took it in side to decorate with his pens!

I stopped and felt the heat on my skin, the sun on my face, and then focused on some of the plants that are popping up in the garden!

After lunch Brendan painted his space ship!

Kenzie painted a “paint by number” picture. All by himself!

We popped to the park for a play and then popped up to Asda to get some food shopping. When we came home we made dinner. Home made Pizzas. These are now big favorites of the boys and they are loving making their own dinner!

A spot of water play in the garden with the new water pistols! Using a ramp as a shield! Great thinking Brendan!

Pizzas cooked and were enjoyed! They didn’t last long!

Brendan’s finished ship drying in the sun. complete with grappling hook!

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