We have been working on an Autumn display for the playroom and this is how it is looking so far. We need a bit more colour as it is very brown at the moment. We will be making lots of different colour leaves to add to the tree!

Little “L” turned a wooden bowl in to a boat this morning. We were using it last week for a Pirate ship. Today the Pirates got kicked out and the animals got put in!

They were then taken to a lovely new house!

She also spent quite a lot of time looking after Princess. This is a doll that was mine as a child and after bringing her down from the loft, the children have shown her much love!

Blankets and pets to cuddle!

We also had a little play with the Prince and Princess figures.

Cuddles with the dog!

Lots of looking after babies, feeding them and changing nappies!

Little “L” found a calculator and told me it was the blue phone. She pressed a few buttons and said she could see numbers! She made a quick phone call!

Once Little “R” came home from Pre-school they went back to playing with the Prince and Princess. Giving the characters voices and a story.

The older children have been enjoying a bit of Art. They have been using a drawing board that allows them to reproduce a picture that is on the board in front of them. Its a really nifty toy and the children love using it!

We played shops!

and Farms!

This was a really lovely day with lots of free play and exploring. Everyone choosing their own play and getting really involved in it!

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