We love playing games and I always look for new games that help to support a child’s mathematical or literacy development. We picked this up from a car boot sale and it has been a big hit. The game is by a company called Gamewright. 
The blurb on the web site says……
Roll the dice but don’t lose your mice! In this fast moving game, try to keep your mice away from the kitty. Roll an arrow and pass one to the left. Roll a sleeping cat and you’re lucky to squeak by. But roll a bowl and it’s dinner time for kitty! The last player left with mice wins!

 I have found that not only does this encourage turn taking and counting skills as you keep tabs on how many mice you have in your pile, but it also brings in the language of addition and subtraction.  We talk about how many we have now one has been taken away or added. There is talk about more and less. The children start to recognise and estimate how many mice are in a pile just by taking a glance.

If you ever come across this game I really recommend it as a great addition to your collection.  It has become a firm favourite in my setting!

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
  • Mathematical
  • Personal, Social and Emotional

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