I have been looking on line for some inspiration for loose parts to add to our setting. Things that can be found cheaply and are of no use to people but that might provide a great resource for us and some fabby play opportunities! One of the things that has caught my eye and been on my wish list for a few months now is an old cable reel. They come in different sizes and are so versatile. 
One weekend we were driving home from the shops and saw one outside a house waiting for the bin collection! I pulled over and ran to the house to ask if I could take it… they were very happy for me to have it and we have had a lot of fun with it since bringing it home!

The children have told me it is a wheelchair and have moved themselves around the garden as though they are sitting in a wheelchair.
It has also been rolled around the patio, the grass and up and down the different steps and levels in the garden.

It has been used for standing on, balancing on, wobbling on…..

Little”R” used it to roll over!

She even did a couple of rather adventurous rolly pollys over it!

She also rolled over it and then used her arms to hold up her weight and crawl herself forwards so that she was in a sort of “Wheelbarrow” position. Great way to build up core body strength and strong arms! Slow controlled movements and balance!

It is amazing what fun can be had from other peoples rubbish! If you have a local electrical company near you then I would advise going and having a chat with them. They may well have some that you can use! Ours is currently being used as a table in the outdoor kitchen area.
I am very keen to collect a few more of these in differing sizes. I have lots of ideas for them!!

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