Exploring the world through children’s eyes!

Exploring the world through children’s eyes!

It is so easy to loose sight of all the magic in our world. Day to day we go through life, caught up in appointments and things to do, head in our devices and zooming from one place to another. No time to spot the wonders and magic that the world has to share with us. Sometimes you need to take a step back and see¬†world through children’s eyes!

Working with children opens our eyes once again to all these things and I for one never want to loose this view of life ever again.
An example of this is the reflections and shadows that light creates on a bright sunny day.
Just look at how excited this little one is when she notices her shadow and how she can make it move!

You just can’t beat that pure joy! I am looking forward to the summer when we can watch our shadows grow and shrink depending on the height of the sun.

This activity meets the following areas of the EYFS:
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Language and Communication
  • Understanding the world

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