Today was a proper bright Autumn day.
 Sharp and cold in the morning. Fresh and crisp. Then the sun brings warmth and light. I LOVE the Autumn light and colours!

My sister and sister in law spent the afternoon with us and they brought their dog Jay with them. The boys, Kane and I all went out for a lovely afternoon walk with them.

Kenzie found large dried cow parsley stalks and used them as Hobby horses. Brendan joined him and they gave their horses names and galloped about the fields!

Look at the blue sky! Walking up the hill to the highest point!

Once we reached the top the boys and their Aunty Georgia played “Tag”!

We rested! and enjoyed the views from the top of that hill. Sometimes you stop seeing the beauty that surrounds you. You start to wish you could see some other “Beauty”. A mountain, a Lake, a Forest…. but if you stand back and just look…. you see it right there! All around you!

Brendan had a sticky bomb fight! I can not remember the name of the plant but the barbed seed balls make great sticky bombs!!

Lovely time with family. Being together and enjoying space and fresh air!

We got stuck in mud! Nearly lost our wellies in it! Laughed LOTS! Watched the dogs chasing about together, snacked on the berries……. so much fun!

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