Oh your sad…… let me make you a cuppa.
Oh you have had a fright…. let me put the kettle on.
Oh goodness. You have had a car accident……. let me get you a cup of tea!

No mater what the problem, it’s always solved with a good cup of tea here in England. So what better thing to set up for St Georges day than a tea making tray activity!

First we checked out all the stuff on the tray. She was particularly interested in the tea bags.

Pop it in the pot of warm water!

 Ready to give it a stir. 

Now to pour it out! As you can see by this picture…. her aim was a bit off. The next bit got rather messy and she was a bit un nerved it, so asked for help the next time she wanted to pour!

Another stir for good measure. She handed out cups of tea to people. She even poured the tea back in to pot so we could do it all again!

There is nothing like a little tea party to make the world a happy place,
especially when the rain is falling down outside!

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