I thought I would share this tray that I put together this morning. All of this can be bought from the local pound shop so it makes it a super cheap tray to set up!
Each plastic egg now has a number written on it and the corresponding number of spots on it so that even if children can not recognise the number, they can count the spots and make the connection between the numeral and the quantity.
The children can then fill the egg with the correct number of smaller eggs.

I also wrote “Chick” and “Rabbit” on to two spare eggs so that the children could become familiar and recognise these Easter words as they play.

The plastic eggs are great for popping open and then back together again and even the toddlers enjoyed filing them and trying to connect them again. This is quite trick and not as easy as popping them open!

The shredded paper makes a fun (and not too messy) base to hide Easter objects in and the little ones love to rummage and see what they can find.

You could do a similar tray with just words in for a literacy based tray.

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
  • Physical Development
  • Mathematics

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