Today we spent a day in the village. We enjoyed a morning of playing in the new Forest School area.One of the Parish Councilors came to drop off some logs for us to use and brought us over some pallets! The kids loved all these open ended materials and they really captured their imaginations!
We had a little sit down, a snack and a drink while we talked about safety rules and boundaries. I am pleased to say that the children all took these on board and respected them.

Off we went exploring!

Older children did some tree climbing. My rule is “if you can get in the tree, you can play in the tree”! I do not place children in the tree. They need to be able to manage this safely before going in and I find that doing it in their own time is the best way.

Another little pit stop for drink and popcorn!

Time to play with the pallets! We started with designing an obstacle course!

I love how this environment encourages team work and solving problems together. At home we get spats of bickering, but out here it is very rare!

Some of us needed a little rest!

This was the new Pirate ship that the girls made. Little “L” is adding a plant to walk at the end!

“W” brought us over some new pieces of wood and logs. He is super strong and determined! He ran back and forth to the entrance of the Forest School area, bringing items from the bridge! There was a fantastic chat between “W” and “R” as to how the wood would be placed and where it was needed most. Not one argument. Just explaining their ideas and cooperating.

This type of play spans so much development and learning in such a short space of time. Children come out of themselves and you start to see the natural leaders, the children who sit back and assess, the children who negotiate. It is such a rich learning environment!

Look at the strength in this boy! ….. and no I did not step in. He was achieving this by himself and did not need my help one bit! Yes I did mentally assess the risk of it dropping on his toes…… but the sense of self achievement he was experiencing was worth a small risk I felt!

At just 5 years (birthday last week), he knew when it was too much for him and worked out a new method of delivery!

Then he asked a friend to help him position it. He even asked her where she would like it to be put!

The youngest in this field was just 2 years old…. the oldest was 16! Everyone got along. Everyone helped someone else. Everyone worked together!

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
  • Communication and language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional 
  • Expressive Art and Design
  • Understanding the world

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