I have a lovely little boys started at my setting and he has settled in wonderfully! You would think he has been coming for months! Little “X” is the same age as Little “L” and is a very content and happy child.
On Thursday we enjoyed some colouring in. I found a fantastic colouring book with lots of pictures all themed on Great Britain. I bought mine from Mothercare but Amazon have it here. I photocopy the pictures so we can re-use it and there are some great images.

We added some sparkly crown stickers to it.

“X” spent a lot of time making marks with different pens and pencils. He spent ages taking the lids off the gel pens and then trying to push them back on again.

Little “R” is starting to focus and control the marks she makes. She pics a part of the picture and focus her movements on that area, then moves on to the next bit. This particular day she started to make little marks on the page and then gave them a name. “mummy” “Daddy” “Pippa”.  This is the first time she has drawn something and given it a meaning and it was very exciting. I made sure I labeled each bit as she said it. She  was encouraged by my interest and this spurred her on in to drawing more things!

It is so lovely to watch these early drawing and pre-writing skills developing. She is gaining such control of the pen and can make a good range of movements now. She is really starting to enjoy drawing strait lines. She starts at the top and draws the pen downwards, then lifts her pen back to the top of the page to draw another one.

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