Lets talk POOP! 

We all need to do it and it is guaranteed that your child will ask for a poop at the most inconvenient time! This happens at our forest school and we have to hand people a spade and send them off to a far corner with the instruction to dig a hole and then re-cover once finished! 

We have some exciting news though! TOLC has been offered the money for a funky new compost toilet! We just need to raise the extra for the delivery, VAT and some installation aspects. So  have set up a Just Giving page with the hope that we can make the call of nature on our site a little less….. out in nature! Still keeping the green ethos and having zero waste by turning the poop in to compost! 
Win win situation for all!

 Look at this funky little beauty! 
If you would like to donate or share our Just Giving page we would be most grateful! 

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