Little “B” is becoming much more mobile now. She has managed to gain enough strength and control in her movements and walking, that she soon felt confident to try other things, such as pushing dolls buggies and chairs around the room. This has now progressed to a more complex task of lifting a wheel barrow and pushing it along the floor so that the wheel turns but the legs are off the ground.

She can now negotiate small changes such as the single steps in my garden and lifting the barrow over obstacles in her way. She has managed to lift it over the ledge in to the outdoor kitchen area so that she could fill it with wood chippings and then turned in that small space and lifted it back out again. All of this while still keeping her balance. When she became stuck or found herself faced with a tricky obstacle, she tried different ways to get both herself and the barrow out and moving again! She did not become upset or frustrated at all but showed a great strength of will and perseverance.


  • To offer more toys that can be lifted, wheeled, carried and pushed.
  • More trips to the parks to climb and balance on the play equipment.
  • Provide bags and baskets for items to be placed in and carried about.


    Little “B” has been slowly building her confidence and ability with walking and manoeuvring toys and items while walking. When she found herself stuck in a small space, she changed strategy from pushing to lifting the barrow and trying to carry it as she turned. Exploring what worked and what did not. Learning from this and problem solving as she went along. Persisting when challenges arose and understanding that a different approach might work when other ways did not. At one point she started to walk backwards and pull the barrow to negotiate a more tricky area. She did not become frustrated by this but showed a real “can do” attitude, patience and determination.

    Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
    • Physical Development

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