A job for the Easter holidays…. Dental trip for all! Kenzie was not at all worried this time round.
Amazing what 6 months can do. He was keen to get on that chair and told the dentist how well he has been brushing his teeth.

We picked up new wellies from the local farm shop while in town, and found a col magazine on smallholding. I have wanted a field of my own for quite some time and would love a handful of animals. To be honest I would be totally rubbish and none would go for meat. They would all be pets and I would maybe sell some eggs and wool. I might even learn to spin and make yarn!

The boys are taking a real interest in this as well and have been glued to the magazine we picked up.
We have the possibility of a field to rent in the village but it is very up and down right now. Trying to be hopeful.

I had to wait till bathtime to get my turn at reading it! Bubbles, a cuppa and a good magazine.

We did pop along to a lambing day at a local farm after the dentists though.  For now this will have to be our “Farm” fix!

Lambs and piglets! Enough to make your heart melt!

Brendan loves animals but is quite skittish around them. Farm animals however seem to be ok with him. I think they are bigger and less jumpy so he feels safe with them.

He even held a lamb!

My friend had a small holding in Ireland before they moved here. She works on farms and her children have grown up around farm animals, This lamb has been hand reared and we all wanted to keep him!

He actually cuddles in to you!!

For now we will keep dreaming and hoping.  Maybe this field will come together. Send us good luck vibes please friends!

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