These Easter holidays have been a little bit harder on me than normal. I am not one of the mums, that you hear complaining about the holidays and wishing their children back to school. I LOVE having my boys at home and spending time entertaining and teaching them. Thinking up fun science experiments and creative activities.

Now I am not sure if it is because I was ill for 3 weeks with this cold, bug thing that has been doing the rounds or just that my children are going through a challenging stage. Possibly a bit of both, but I strongly suspect it is due to my low energy levels and tolerances from being unwell. I have not wanted to play with them, their happy is too loud and things that would not normally bother me have really grated on my nerves. Now I am feeling better I have noticed my attitude changing and my energy and enthusiasm returning! Thank goodness!

I have also had a good think about how to deal with this unwanted, overly energetic behaviour.

So on Saturday, after too much Easter chocolate and blue food colouring from my dads birthday cake, when the boys where very loud, very bouncy, becoming argumentative with each other and Brendan was on a” Repetitive word loop” (Something that comes with his Aspergers), I decided to walk the wiggles out!

It was 6pm and I told them that we were going for a LONG walk with the dog across the fields.

I have become rather board of our usual routes and felt that we needed somewhere new to explore and also a longer route. I was not sure where this would take us or how far it would be but we found a new path in and out of the village and it was a good round trip of about 2.5miles.

In the past the boys have not really been able to walk very far. Brendan suffers with hyper-mobility and this does cause him daily pain. Kenzie is just young and not really a walker. The usual routes have been enough and have been well used for little legs.

Brendan still has Hyper-mobility and a broken toe at the moment, but despite that he was keen to walk. This is a big change from his usual view of going for a walk. I waited for the reluctance to kick in……..but it didn’t. Kenzie moaned for the most part, but also found fun new places to explore. streams to stand in, Crops to hide behind, games to play, Treasures to collect!

I am taking part in a sponsored 10k walk in 2 weeks time, to raise money for the school swimming lessons. Our children are very lucky to go swimming every week of the year and it is something the parents want to make sure continues. With funding and budgets being cut, this is at risk of being reduced. So we are doing something to make sure it continues.
I never expected Brendan to want to do this. The walk would be too long and with his joints as they are I just didn’t mention it to him. He has heard me talk about it though. During this long evening walk, he stood at the top of a hill and saw the town that Nanny and G-daddy live in, off in the distance. It is about 2 miles away and  probably 4 miles to my mums house on the other side of town. (about 6k)

Brendan asked if we could walk there. I was gobsmacked! I told him how far it was but that did not put him off. So we made arrangements to walk to my parents the next morning, and for Lee (my other half) to pick us up and bring us home.

So Sunday morning we got up and headed out! He took his bike with him just in case his toe started to hurt, but after 1k it got a puncture so we had to push it the rest of the way. Not once did he moan. Not once did he ask to stop and call Daddy to rescue us. Instead he asked if he could join me on the sponsored walk!
We stopped to look at strange shaped trees, natural streams and springs, animals in the fields, our shadows on the floor.

Once we hit town, we stopped at the local chocolateries and picked up 2 slices of yummy cake! Blueberry cheese cake for the boy and hazelnut and raspberry pavlova for mummy! Then down the road to Nanny and G-daddy’s for a cuppa and a sit down!

Such a wonderful morning with my fast growing boy! To top it off, this morning he asked when we can do another walk and how many more walks can we fit in, before our big sponsored one?!

We just had to take a picture of this fallen down barn. It reminded us of something from Wizard of Oz! We expected to see a pair of legs and some Ruby slippers sticking out from underneath!

So that’s my advice for dealing with boisterous behaviour and the start of our training for what will now be a mummy and boy 10k walk!

Get your walking boots on! Get some fresh air! Get the wiggles out and let them be as noisy as they like out in nature!

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