This morning was much calmer than the last few. I had less children attending the setting and we had decided on a rather more relaxed day after our last 2 walking days out!
We started the morning with some painting and playing in the home corner.

Little “X” found his favourite pass time of dropping cars down a tube! Thanks to my new artificial grass, I have a new long tube for him to play with!

He stopped for a few minutes to look at the tadpoles and have a chat with me about how they were changing and what would happen to them once they were frogs!

They are looking quite plump now and eating well. They need a good clean out every week and I have been using water from my fish tank to refill the tank with.

Little “X” managed to draw in a couple of older children to play his game with him. There were lots of turn taking and chat about which car would go down faster, how they should rest the tube, the height of the angle and such.

Brendan made a garage to collect all the cars in at the bottom. “C” and “X” put several cars in at the same time to see what would happen and laughed as they all crashed out the bottom of the tube and in to the box!

We popped to the village park as the sun was out today and it was so lovely and warm. I took a few activities with us and some snacks. We also wanted to go to the Library bus when it arrived and choose some new books.
We met up with Heather from Looking out for the little people! and all the children enjoyed getting together with lots of space to run or sit an do their own things.

“S” and little “E” enjoyed some drawing together.

The boys all played with my new rocket set! They got really good at turn taking and remembering to step back while someone had their go…. before they learnt this we did get a few rockets in the face!

Little “E” really wanted to try to launch a rocket as well but her legs were just not strong or heavy enough, so Heather helped her. She is a very independent sole though and by the end of our time at the park she had managed to launch a couple herself!

Little “X” has some trouble coordinating his lower half. He finds running and the coordination of these types of movements tricky. He seemed to get the hang of this really well and also managed to hold his balance while stomping to launch it!

We spent a lot of time on the swings!!

Little “R” achieved a personal goal today! After months of trying she was finally able to balance on the stepping blocks by herself and get all the way acros,s as well as walk around the balance beam. She was so proud of herself! I was very proud of her too! She got a star to show mummy and daddy and we told them what she had done to earn it!

This activity seems to attract children of all ages!

Little “X” and “W” both decided to go up and down the slide! Tagging each other at the top and then sliding down again while giggling!

We spent even more time on the swings!

Before heading home for lunch we had a leaf fight! This was utter chaos but so much fun!

Brendan snuck up on his brother while he was preoccupied with throwing leaves on little “W”!

The adults were not safe either!

“C” ended up looking like some sort of forest monster!!

We had some wrestling going on as well. These 2 seem to have found a friend in each other, that enjoys rough and tumble as much as they do! Just when we feel it is getting too rough and step in, we find them both in full on giggles!

On the way home we found this little chap! I am not sure if it was unwell. It did not seemed very worried about us all bending down to look at it! It eventually ran off behind a wall in to the bushes!

We enjoyed a quiet afternoon of naps, a movie and some Hama bead creations!

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