Well…… I feel we need more of sir David Attenborough, as a lot of play and creativity has come directly from watching his Africa series this week. We had been told about it by friends but we are not great with TV and never remember these things are on. Thankfully we managed to see all of them on iplayer and are very pleased to see that the series is out on DVD next week!

Yesterday Brendan built giant box Elephants! Today all the children in my setting decided to be Mole Rats. This was instigated by my boys after watching them on tv and everyone else seemed very happy to go along.

They set up a burrow for the colony to live in. This consisted of all the chairs in the house, blankets and den making pegs!  There was a discussion about how to make the entrance and shortly after the tunnel was pulled form the cupboard and added to the construction!

There was also discussion about how the colony works. Brendan pointed out that they needed a queen and the rest were to be workers. He did say that mole rats were very lazy and did not do very much all day. None of the girls were willing to be the Queen so Kenzie volunteered to be the king and they mixed things up a bit! As the king, he got to lay on the best bed with all the blankets! All the workers curled up on the floor around him and got comfortable. I love this photo of them all!!

I could hear Brendan starting a conversation about what food they might eat. I ran off to Google the answer and came back to tell them that they eat Tubers. As we didn’t have tubers, I gave them several over ripe and sprouting potatoes and sweet potatoes to play with. I offered to hide them so that the mole rats could all come out and find them when they went foraging for food This was very much welcomed and as soon as I had hidden the potatoes, all the little mole rats popped out to hunt for them.

There was much activity in the burrow, storing the food and feeding the king!

Then Danger struck and a couple of Snakes found the burrow. The worker Rats were soon outside defending their home and king!

Six children, ALL engaged, learning and absorbed in their play. The youngest was 25 months old and the eldest will be 11 next week.  Learning through play and following their own interests. This is why I love my job!

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