This week we made “Colour discovery jars”. I have seen another childminder post about filling jars with craft items in different jars! Her Rainbow jars looked beautiful and I have been meaning to do the same. You can find her post here at Pyjama School! This idea has altered a little though and I have now decided that I would really like them to be discovery jars.

We worked together to find things of each colour to pop inside each jar. We added different colour shades and although most of the things are crafting bits at the moment, we have also added some small toys and items that match the colour in the jar.

I want the children to pick these up and role them around to find the different items inside. I would love for them to find an item that they would like to add to a jar as a matching activity. I love the idea that different colour shades will be included so that children get to see a wider range of each colour when learning them.

They are already getting a lot of attention and I love how they brighten up the room! Rainbows are just the best!

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