We have been making our Prezzies for our parents. I have only been doing this with the children who are with me all day, so I thought of something that the toddlers could manage with out too much help and that would provide us with a lovely gift at the end. I am not keen on making too many “end product” crafts as I often feel they are more for us than they are the child. 
Last year we made Christmas tree decorations, and as they were just babies a year ago, I did do most of the creating. A hand print on a Bauble. They were very cute though. 
This year I continued with the Christmas Tree decoration idea but wanted the little ones to own the project a bit. 
I worked some clay in to a softer ball and gave each child a piece. They spent time moulding it with their hands. Strengthening their finger muscles and enjoying the feel of it.
 Once they had lost interest in exploring the clay, I offered them a rolling pin and watched as they worked to flatten the ball. Some of them needed help, but they all gave it a really good go!

I placed a selection of Christmas cookie cutters on to the table and let them push their chosen one in to the clay. We practised placing the cutter and then pushing down hard to cut the shape.

 We had a few half snow men or trees with tops missing but after a while I selected the best cut shapes and placed them to one side.

Some of the children took the clay off cuts and carried on pushing their fingers in to it or making holes using the sticks that we used to make the hanging holes in each decoration.

 I rounded some of the left over dough and then placed a little bowl of cloves on to the table and watched as they pushed them in to the clay. This added a nice smelly, sensory element to the crafting!

We even wore the cutters as bangles!

After a few day, the clay had dried. I then let them each loose with the porcelain paint pens! 

These paints dry all shiny! I will write and date each one, then we will thread some pretty ribbon on them and wrap them up as Christmas gifts for the Mums and Dads! I think they did a lovely job!

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