This weekend we got our tree!! The boys and I popped on the Christmas CD and set about making it all twinkly and shiny!

I set up a few activities for this weeks childminding. I like to get things ready on a Sunday when introducing new topics or activities. It’s lovely to watch the children walk in and find lovely new things to try out.

We enjoyed a Christmas card writing and posting box. This appealed to all the children. All ages. The younger ones made marks in the cards and then asked me to pop them in to envelopes so they could post them. The older ones asked how to spell each others names. They wrote and posted cards to one another and then emptied the post box and handed them all out!

I set up a basket of Christmas tree decorations. I thought it would help the younger ones to have some decorations that they could play with and explore. I do ask them not to play with the Christmas tree and I find this takes away some of the urge to pull off all the glittery and tempting baubles! Having their own ones to explore! Lots of sensory fun!

Some of our Knitted friends!

We played with our Nativity set, looked at the Christmas story and had lots of conversations about baby Jesus!

Explored the Winter sensory tray!

It has been lovely to revisit some of the Christmas story books that have been put away since last year.

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