Living so close to the Chiltern Ridgeway is something I have kind of taken for granted. I see those hills every day. They have been the back drop for my life. But I am starting to see them with new eyes after reading more and more blog posts from people have walked the Ridgeway. I would really like to do this one day. Not the whole 87 miles all at once. I want to brake it up in to sections and do it over time. Maybe with a little night camp out in the middle. 
We did a little section of it this week on my day off! My sister found this on one of her walks and took us to the section  she liked to show us a tree she really liked.

I really wanted to go snake hunting in this pile of logs. I didn’t find anything but one day I will find a snake in a log pile! Actually I have found one before. When I was 3 and in Canada. It was in my Aunt and Uncles log pile in the mountains.

We sky was starting to look stormy but we were lucky and the dark clouds blew over.

There was much tree climbing on our walk. In fact there seemed to be more stopping and climbing than walking at some points!

Brendan is very much in to finding different mushrooms when we are out walking  and likes me to take picturesof them so that he can try and identify them later on. I think I might need to get him a mushroom identification book to take with us.

I thought I would look at the world from a bugs view. A real Worms Eye View!

Loving the view. you can see for miles!

 There are some lovely wild flowers along the route too. I recognised some but many I will need to read about. I don’t seem to retain the information as I wold like too. I find out about a plant and then forget the name the next time I see it! Drives me crazy!

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