Sometimes I can plan away to my hearts content….. but the little ones find some far more interesting things to do!

I had these balls in a box as part of our Easter sensory tray.
This week the girls decided to do something different with them!.

We gathered lots of bits and put them in to dishes and trays! Their treasures!

Then we found a couple of old egg boxes.What could we do with these I wonder?

They were just the right size to fit in to the egg holes. One by one Little “R” transferred the balls from the tray to the egg boxes.

Little “L” helped….. in her own way…. by sitting on them!

This went on for quite a while. It kept her very busy and focused!

Before long she had filled 3 egg boxes with little balls.

She did save a couple of holes for the knitted ducks though. they looked like little nests. I wonder if that was her intention all along?


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