Today we had a car themed day for all my little car lovers!
I set up a little car wash/water shoot in the kitchen so that the children could enjoy some water play. I added bubbles, toy cars and toothbrushes for cleaning.

I also photocopied some car design sheets so that my budding car designers could set about creating the next best selling sports car!

I offered some foam car shapes and a selection of pens, stickers and small items that could be cut and stuck on if desired. I provided and example car as a prompt and left the children to get creative with their own car decoration!

My older children used some of the car kits that I bought and built race cars with pull back mechanisms in them. These were not as easy to build as the box lead us to believe and I had much more input in to this than I had expected. After much frustration, hot glue and perseverance we had some working cars!

The younger children built these wooden car kits. Pencil holders apparently although most of them got used as teddy cars!!

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