Today was another dry and warm day. Back outside we went! Our outdoor play area is getting lots of use this week and there is free flow from the house to the garden all the time. Just how we like it. 
The chickens have been escaping a lot this week so I feel some clipping of flight feathers might be in order, but it has given the children some hands on fun trying to stroke them and catch them to put them  back which is very sweet!
Today my cousin came over. She too is a childminder. A real family career it would seem! She brought her 3 mindees over with her. Little “E” loved having a boy his age to play with and they enjoyed some Super Hero play and then asked for the Pooh Bear figures to be brought out. I thought it a funny mix but if that’s what they want! Who am I to stand between a boy and his imagination!
Brendan has been off school today with tummy ache again. Poor love seems to be getting rather a lot of these this year. He was all set to go but was doubled over this morning in pain. He has had moments of being just fine today and moments of pain. Mostly after he eats so I am starting to wonder if he has an intolerance to something?
Little “L” and Little “R” have been playing very nicely together this week. I think the time apart recently has done them both some good. Broken a cycle of frustration with each other and they are now enjoying each others company far more!
The “Big Machines” sensory tray took a battering today. All the children including my cousins mindees, enjoyed playing with it and soon it became a Bee hive of activity for all the toddlers, who turned it in to a “transporting” activity. They moved the beans around the garden, placing some in pots, some on the patio, some in flower beds. Some got poured down the lengths of drain pipe I had layed out, others were mixed together in pots with wooden spoons. There was a lot of filling and pouring going on. Old milk cartons were being filled with beans by using spoons and funnels. These were then carried off to another part of the garden and poured out in to something else. One child carried handfuls of beans away from the tray and left little “Bean piles” all over the garden!

I would have liked to share more photos but I do not have permission to share photos of the other children on here.

The bubbles came out again and the bubble machine went through another set of batteries and a good glug or two of bubble mixture! Brendan and Little “E” went off to find ingredients for their own bubble mixture. My bathroom was raided as was the washing up liquid in the kitchen. They appeared with a big metal pan of mixture and took it to the end of the garden to test out! All the children pilled round it with bubble wands to see if it was “a good mixture!”  And you know what?…. it wasn’t bad at all! Brendan soon found some empty bubble pots and filled each one up and dished them out to all the children! You can just see and child sat in a bubble puddle at the top of this photo underneath.  She has the rest of the big pot of bubble mixture to herself and is getting very messy! But having lots of fun!

Brendan was so sweet with all the little ones. He shared his pot of mixture and blew bubbles for everyone.

It took a lot of cleaning up before lunch but it was worth it all for the fun and exploring that took place. I even had to hoover the patio as there were too many beans to pick up by hand!

This afternoon we took our magnets outside and sat together looking at the words, letters and magnetic people and animals which I had put in to baskets on the table. We made simple words together like “mum” and “dad”. We recognised the first letters of our names! We matched words with pictures! Practiced animal sounds and colour recognition!

This is Little “L”‘s picture!

This is little “R”‘s picture!

I do hope summer brings us lots more dry and warm days. Life is so much better when we can be more connected with mother nature and enjoy being outside. Everyone is happy and full of positive energy!

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