Oh the sun has come back for a few days!! So we have made the most of it today before it vanishes again.

I took the “Big Machines” sensory tray outside. I thought the children might find some other items from the garden to add to their play!

I turned on the Bubble machine and we ran about popping bubbles! Little “R” stood right under it and laughed at each bubble that popped on her. It encouraged some great chatter!

“popped on my shoes!”
“popped on my ear!”
“popped on my head”
“popped on my nose!”

I also set up a bucket of water. I didn’t set it up with any great plan, but rather to see what the children would decide to do with it. Little “R” found pine cones to add to the water and liked to try and make them sink. She also enjoyed putting them all in and then catching them and taking them all out again!

She found an old milk carton from the recycling box and started to scoop water up in it. I brought out a small dish of bottle tops as well. I thought they would make nice things to float!

I was very surprised to see Little “R” screwing and un-screwing the lid. She spent a good 10 minutes on this and managed to tighten the lid and then take it off again! Once she had mastered this new skill, she practiced it over and over!

She also explored using a brush. I painted an “R” on the patio and she sat down next to me making marks with her wet brush, then dipping it in to her carton of water and painting again!

I am really hoping that tomorrow will be nice as well, so that we can enjoy more of this! It was a real hit with all the children today and I think it is so important to be able to re visit things a second or third time to cement the new concepts and skills.

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