This Christmas Kenzie got a lovely Bubble science kit from my brother and sister in law. He was very keen to give it a go today so we pulled it out of it’s box and had a look at what was involved.

We read facts about bubbles, why they a orbs, why they change colour in different lights, why when two bubbles join, they have a flat edge on the joining walls. It was all very interesting!

We got to make our own bubble mixture. They had a couple of recipes, but we tried this one out this morning.

200ml of warm water
mix 1 tbls of sugar and stir till diluted
add 50ml of washing up liquid
stir in a tbls of Glycerine if you have it (we didn’t and it was fine all though I think the bubbles would have been stronger with it!)
add 300ml of water to the mixture

We then made a giant bubble wand using some bits from the kit (although this would be easy to replicate if you didn’t have the kit) and e took it all outside to play!

There is a knack to making Giant bubbles. You have walk slowly backwards to get a bubble to form!

After quite a while of playing with these, we got out the box of bubble wands and enjoyed the rest of the mixture the usual way!

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