Christmas! My absolute favourite time of year! Everyone knows this and the tags in Christmas posts start as soon as summer is over. Sometimes sooner. That’s how well known it is that I LOVE Christmas!

Some things about Christmas are really important to me. They are traditional and help me feel calm and ready for the big day! I will list them for you!

  • I start planning in September.Buying gifts and wrapping them before putting them in the loft to keep them safe. Writing in my little note book so that I remember what everyone has been bought. 
  • I like my house to be perfectly clean and tidy the night before. I think it is something my mum does and I just took it on out of habit. But it is a time when I don’t want to think about house work, when we take lots of photos and when space is at a premium. So I figure that a clean and tidy house helps me with all these things and makes Christmas run smoothly.

  • I have to see my family. We are close and I can not imagine a Christmas that they are not part of. Even if only for an hour or so. I understand that this gets harder the older we get and the more family grows. But we try hard to all get together in one place and share gifts.
  • We always have Advent Calendars. 

  • Christmas cake making day is usually in October and again has a lot of tradition around it. A recipe passed down through family, the children are the main cooks, mum is in charge of the baking, We all have to sit and stir the mixture while making a wish.

  • We open pressies in the morning. All together and as one. Shouting thank you at each other across the mountain of wrapping paper! 
  • The children have stockings and they open them when they wake. At an agreed time they can come in and wake us up. They show us everything Father Christmas has given them. I remember doing the same with my parents until I left home at 22.
  • Christmas dinner is always Turkey!

  • Christmas Eve is spent at home with the boys or we all visit a friend who throws a little gathering before the big day.
  • We always leave Father Christmas a mince pie and Rudolf a carrot!
  • Decorating the tree is a big afternoon event that the boys and I love! Ideally a real tree from a renewable supplier. We play Christmas music while we decorate and sing along. We keep our tree for as long as possible outside in the garden after Christmas. I want to enjoy it! It was cut down and I owe it a gratitude. It looks beautiful outside till the weather gets too warm and the needles start to drop.

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