I have been living with a teenager for 2.5 years now and I would like to say it gets easier….. but so far it hasn’t. I think mine is pretty good as teenagers go too!
I thought I might share my observations of living with a teenager in the hope that it might prepare someone else about to enter in to this realm of parenting. My second child reaches teenagedom in a year and a half. Hopefully I will be better at it by then!

  • They loose the ability to close anything they open! Especially doors. Draws are the same. It’s like a one way system. They are opened and then they just stay that that way. It is just not possible for them to be closed by a teenager!
  • Routines are suddenly forgotten. Things they have been doing for years. The morning school routine for example, is suddenly alien to them and you find yourself talking them through every step of it again like they are 4. With just as much resistance I might add!
  • They create what we like to refer to as a “CRAPNADO!” It is possible to follow the tracks of a teenager just by following the trail of destruction. From the front door where bag and shoes are left and door not quite shut properly (see first point), in to the kitchen where cupboards are open, plates, cups and food are left out and then in to the living room where various devices are on and playing away to themselves. In my house this is accompanied by more plates, cups and cushions and blankets dumped hanging off disheveled sofas. If you venture to the bathroom you find a bathroom that looks like it was sprayed from top to bottom with a hose, clothes and towels soaking wet on the floor, bottles on their side with the contents dripping out and all lights left on. I just count myself lucky that my teenager is not one of the versions that come allergic to bath water!
  • The ability to talk in a nice tone regresses. I would not say grunts are a problem. But I expect to be acknowledged when I speak to someone, If not then I am likely to repeat myself. Then you get the answer, but in an irritated tone because they did hear you the first time, but seem to no longer understand the rules of conversation and their part in it! Probably choosing not to answer because most conversations relate to clearing up one of the many messes already mentioned in my previous points above.
  • Clothes can not be worn more than once! Everything ends up in the laundry bin….. well on the floor till you moan and then the laundry bin. Regardless of if it was worn a day or an hour! Then you have to listen to the moaning when you present clean clothes that need putting away. If you don’t want to put so much away…. DON’T WEAR SO MANY DIFFERENT OUTFITS!!
So those are my main observations of teenage life now that we are 2.2 years in to it. I understand that they have a brain de-clutter and I hope I have made some exception for this…. but these things are not unused brain connections that they should de-clutter….. These are everyday things that stop mum from turning in to the Hulk every day out of frustration! So why have they chosen to de-clutter this part of the brain! 

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