I love old photos. My dad has always been in to photography and spent a lot of time taking pictures of us a child. A camera became something I always carried and I am so glad I had this role model in my Dad! The pictures I have of school friends and childhood are precious and fantastic to look back on as adults when our paths cross again….. 30 odd years later.

The old photos of my children amaze me. How has the time passed so fast. I find it hard to remember so much about their childhood, yet in m any ways it only feels like last week?  Brendan’s voice started to break back in August and I can’t remember how he sounded before.
The changes happen so quick and we just don’t see them happen when we see that person every day.

I thought I would share some of my fave old pictures with you. For old times sake!

The first is a picture of me as a toddler…. the second is Kenzie at around the same age. He is my clone! In nature and in looks.

Brendan was 2 months Premature and so very tiny! He is now just under 6ft and still growing! 15 years have whizzed past so very fast! 

I love this old photo of Kenzie. It shows our love of nature no mater what the weather! He was desperate to get outside in the rain. Any why not! T-shirt and a nappy on and sooooo very happy!

And a picture I love of me aged 3ish and in Canada visiting family! Love the dress and love the coat! Love it all!

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