This title needed clarifying to me as I was unsure as to what point a book becomes a novel. I always believed it to be about book length but It has been shown to me that it is more about content. It has to be non-fiction to be a novel and is a story without pictures. 

I was glad to hear this as I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan and I have read all of his books…… NOVELS!

It was a sad day when I learnt we had lost him from this world. I still can’t get my head around the fact that there will never be anther book from him. That his amazing mind and imagination has gone for good. I am just so grateful that he shared so much of the world inside his head, with us. The Discworld is a real place in my mind now too. The characters and places all have a strong visual image etched in to my mind. 

The boys bought me a cool book for Christmas that I still need to look through properly.  It is the Complete Discworld Atlas and it includes a map of the whole world. Information on each continent. Beautifully illustrated, bringing the Discworld alive in a way never before seen.

I wish I could tell you my favourite book but sadly I can not. I finish each one with sadness that it is over but excitement to jump right in to the next! I particularly enjoy the books set in Lancre. Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax are such strong characters, battling to protect their world and fighting mythical beasts that are very real in the Discworld. Elves braking through the veil between their world and the mountain kingdom of Lancre, causing “mischief”. 

If you have never read a Terry Pratchett book and you enjoy fantasy reading then give him a try! You do not need to read the books in order but it is helpful to do so! 

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