This is an easy post for me. Lee and I have been together for 17 years. It has not all been easy or plain sailing. I found out I was pregnant 9 months after meeting him and he was going through a divorce. We had to find somewhere to live and his ex left him with a huge divorce bill and a bank account debt she had run up buying clothes on the “never never”. 
 Becoming parents so fast was a challenge and as you will have read in my earlier post “Babies” it didn’t start smoothly. 

Somewhere along the way we lost “us” and just seemed to take each other for granted. 
In the last 2 years we have re-found our relationship. Made more time for each other and we make sure we tell each other how we feel. I get lovely messages every day from him while we are working and I send messages back. We check we are happy and speak from the heart. 

After so many years together we decided to hold a ceremony to link us in a more symbolic way. We are not religious and have always said that having the children was a bigger commitment to each other than any wedding could be. 

So we chose to hold a Handfasting. A Pagan joining. 

Our good friends agreed to officiate the ceremony and we invited all our family and friends. The ceremony was held in the Forest School area that I helped to set up. It is a place that holds great meaning for me. 

The after party spilled out on to the village green and it had a very British summer feel to the whole event! Even topped off with a cricket match playing in the background.

It was an amazing moment and the sharing of rings meant so much. People brought a dish of food to share for our bring and share supper. There were hay bale sofas, bunting, throws and cushions to relax on. Toys for the children to play, henna tattoos being drawn on people and music playing. 

Everyone who came said that they had never been to such an amazing ceremony before and many wished they had had done the same for their weddings. It drew people in to nature and a more Earthwise way of being. Our boys were included in the ceremony and had the job of holding a ring each. We wanted them to be included in everything.

The most important thing was that Lee and I made a day to celebrate “US”! Our amazing family and friends came together and organised in a way I just couldn’t have done, taking the pressure of us and allowing us to really enjoy our day.

The ceremony and blessing of our rings was beautiful.

It was the perfect way to share our love for each other. The most perfect way!

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