I signed up to this years ago (when the logo was a retro looking camera), put a few pictures up and shared it with friends but then got bored and stopped. Over the past few years it seems that Instagram has gone BOOM and everyone uses it. Not just for sharing photos it would seem but as another platform for self promotion.

When I first joined it was more like Flickr. But now it seems more like Twitter for pictures! I enjoy sharing pictures. Especially if I can get a nice shot or a picture with great colour or contrast. I find a lot of everyday pictures on there now which seems less along the lines of Flicker and more along the lines of standard social media. Everyday snapshots rather than the arty shots I used to see.

It also seems that hashtags are as important on Instagram as they are on Twitter.
I like to use the Hashtags to find photos of nature. By following the hashtag #AutumnColours I can find some amazing pictures of golden leaves and Autumn settings. It is a helpful way to filter your searches.

I am still getting to grips with how everything works and how to get the most from it. I know many people that use it for marketing but that is not for me. I just like to share pictures with family and friends and this seems to be a good platform for that.

There is also the option for stories. This is a function that you add to over a 24 hour period and it gives snippets of your day to your followers. I know a few people that use this function and the live video feed that is available. I have done a couple of very short videos but I do not feel brave enough to do them very often. It is something that seems to be more and more popular especially if you want to make a name for yourself in your chosen field online. If I want to take my EarlyYears advisory further and promote play based learning online, then I am going to have to get over my video shyness and dip my toe in to this area. Maybe I should practice with Instagram live videos for a bit until it becomes more natural for me. You can all laugh at me while I practice!

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