Holidays. Not something I can talk about with any great experience. None of us have passports and the boys have never left this country. There are several reasons for this. It started because we never had money to go abroad so we used to ask friends and family to collect the Sun tokens and we took long weekends away at Haven sites once a year.

When Brendan was little, a holiday was very overwhelming for him. It would take days to adjust to the new place and the traveling and then he would want to come home to his own stuff. We would get maybe one day in the middle where he was not too “wired up” by everything. We now know this was due to Autism. Travel and change was not easy for him. Home was his safe place and he would become either over excited and then crash in to a meltdown or he would be stressed from day one.

When Kenzie was about 18 months old we visited family in Manchester and although it was a 5 days away the driving there and back was very traumatic. Kenzie screamed in the back seat of the car for hours and hours.
As the boys got older we ventured further a field. We did three trips to the Isle of White. Again just long weekends but we got to enjoy some great sights and spend some amazing time together.
Recently we have visited south Wales. Three visits now and the boys love each and every trip.

We always stay in Premier Inns so they know what to expect. What the rooms look like, what the beds feel like and what breakfast will be like. All important for kids on the spectrum. We have never had a bad stay with them either so we are always relaxed about staying there.

Next year I would like to be really brave and try a 6 hour car journey down to Cornwall. I thing the boys cope better with traveling now and we could actually do a full week away!

Maybe we will actually get passports and think about a small trip to Europe. We are in a better financial situation than we have been in the past. We do not do things on credit and we don’t have credit cards. So if money is not there then we do not do it. If we start saving a little we might be able to take a little flight!!

I would be interested to hear how other families have traveled with either Autistic children or low budgets. Or both! I am sure we can not be the only ones out there that staycation rather than vacation!

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