I have never been one to set Goals. I have ideas of where I would like to be and what I would like to be doing but I do not give times scales or worry if these things do not happen. Life is fluid and circumstances change. I try very hard to enjoy the moment. Be present in this time and enjoy what I have right now and what I have achieved to date. The future is never guaranteed!

Three years ago I thought that it would be nice to reduce my hours a bit once my babies had all gone on to school. This September 4 children left my setting and my Monday became empty between school runs. I could have filled the spaces but I thought this was the right time to focus more on my Online resource sales and pushing my online profile. So I guess i have some goals in mind. So what would I like to achieve?

  • Build my blog
  • Work with more brands and companies
  • Write for Early Education champions 
  • Share my experience and passion with other Early Years professionals 
  • Bring in an income from Online shop
  • Publish a book about learning through play and being in nature!
So if anyone would like to talk more about these goals with me and help me on that path then I would be most grateful! 

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