I used to be a daily Facebook user. But that changed after 2 points in my life when I realised that people (including so called friends) use it to say things that they would not say to your face. The keyboard warriors seem to to feel free to treat people in ways that they would not otherwise do. It does not bring out the best in people. There are several things that have made me move away from daily Facebook use and I will try and explain some of them. 
You might ask why I don’t just delete my account but there are some good aspects that keep me visiting. It is great to keep in contact with family that do not live close. I have a childcare support group on Facebook with over 10,000 members and I know I am doing good there.

So the things that drive me crazy!

  • Attention seeking posts. Everyone knows about these. They are the cryptic posts that imply someone is sad or something bad has happened. they want to tell the world… but they don’t want to? So you get the replies of concern from friends asking if everything is ok. Instead of saying what is wrong they say “I’ll PM you hun” If you are not going to tell everyone what is up then don’t put “fishing” messages up!
  • Relationship lived online. One day you complain about your partner and make public their faults…… then the next you are saying how amazing they are. Some of these things have been pretty horrid. He has been physical or had an affair. it’s all over facebook. All your friends give sympathy and tell you what they really think of this person. Then a week later you are all loved up and he really didn’t mean it don’t you know. So now it is awkward for everyone. The things have been said. friends have told you what an arse he is…. but hay it’s all ok now so lets go for a drink next week like nothing happened!?  Keep your relationships private affairs PRIVATE! It is not something to be spread over social media. And while we are at it…. can we just do away with the “It’s complicated” statuses as well!
  • Keyboard warriors. Just because you are behind a screen does not give you the right to be nasty and critical. Facebook is social media not a job interview, typos and spelling is not important. Don’t like my views on anti fox hunting or nature then delete me. or better still skip over my post. My wall is filled with stuff I like. I don’t start an argument on your pro fox hunting post. I don’t agree with it but I just scroll past. If you post lots of things that I don’t like then I will just delete your account from my list. I don’t dislike you, I just don’t want to see your stuff. 
  • Distasteful images. These are the exception to the rule above. These I do scroll past but I do feel they have no place on social media. I don’t need to see dead dogs and other such images come up on my feed. By all means share a story for the sake of awareness but do not post these images. I choose not to watch the news or read news papers because i do not need to have the awful things in this world thrown at me day after day. I know it happens. I can not help that dead dog. I can just make sure I am a better pet owner than the one who harmed that poor creature. I have even had images of dead people pop up on my feed. Have some RESPECT people!
  • Lies! I have had had this a few times. If you live your life online then you need to learn to be a better liar. You owe me money… “Sorry totally broke till next week”…. Facebook that night. images of brand new TV being shown off……  “Sorry can’t make it tonight after all, not feeling well”…….. Pictures of hanging out with someone else or going out for a meal. Don’t lie. Either tell the truth or don’t put your life online for all to see. It hurts to know you have been lied to.
So that is what has lead me to move away from Facebook. I am far more active over on Twitter and life is better for it! You have to really think about what you want to say with just a few characters to write with.  You might see my Instagram pics pop up on facebook but very little else. 

How do you feel about Facebook? Has it had it’s day? Is it good for us as humans or should we wise up to what it is creating? Would love to hear your views!

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