Well I guess you all know that this is a hot topic for me!

We all need education and should all have it…. but our children’s education should be more about fostering a passion for learning and not learning to pass exams and tests.

Less homework and more focus on the importance of balance, Work hard at school and play hard at home with family. No wonder so many adults burn themselves out each year trying to find a balance and failing. Bringing work home with them or staying late at the office. It has become expected and it is what we are showing our children by sending them home with an hours homework a night.

Find your gift and run with it. Writing, art, maths, sport, dance, science. What ever it is follow it! We learn more about things we love and those that follow their passions are the trail blazers!

Curriculum is a guide. It should not be a prescribed education for the masses. It just doesn’t fit and raising the goal posts every year leaves children and teachers feeling they are never good enough.

Schools should be more community and nature based. Spending time with older generations visiting them in care homes to learn our history and respect. Supporting younger children in nursery to foster a caring and responsible attitude. More time on life skills!

Hands on learning. Growing crops, making our own toys and tools. Preparing meals and household budgeting. Learning in context. All of these things can include a computer section so that IT is covered. Using a program to design your allotment and crop rotation. Printing templates, making budget sheets on excel!

That is how I want to see our education change. More play and learning in context. Less time in a class room!

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