I have seen this pop up quite a lot in the past week on Twitter and initially dismissed it as I wasn’t sure it fitted in to my blog theme. But after a re-think I am not sure that is the case.

My blog has grown from a family blog, to a childcare blog, to an educational blog and also a nature blog…. so maybe I don’t have the “Set theme” that I feel I do.

So Day one of Blogtober17 is to talk about ME!

Anyone that follows this blog already will have a pretty good idea of what I am about. Family loving, nature enjoying, childminder and gentle parent! It is pretty clear by my posts that I love working with children and that I hold a strong passion to protect our children’s childhoods! Protecting them from being pushed in to schools and tests. I promote play and fun and show how learning is something that happens every day in a child’s life. Every experience they engage in teaches them something important.

Something you might not know about me is that I have lived a life with Anxiety. I do not ever remember a time when I did not have a voice in the back of my head trying to scare the hell out of me. It all came to a head around 2014 when I suffered panic attacks and started to seek help. 2 years of weekly counseling and a lot of facing this “little voice” head on has left me a much more confident and happy person. One thing that really did come out of this time was realsing which people in my life were toxic and sent time putting me down and which people in my life were real friends and were ready to help me through the hard times, even if that meant being quite blunt and honest with me.
These people are still in my life now and the others have been removed completely. Another healing milestone. I have now found like minded friends who respect my gentle parenting and alternative views without feeling they need to talk about me behind my back. Lets be honest…. it always comes back to us in the end!

During this time I reconnected with nature. I spent so much time in nature as a child and I can honestly say those times were times I never remember feeling anxious. It is the same now. Living  in a village surrounded by green is my therapy. Laying on the grass and feeling the sun and air on my skin takes away all my stress. I use this same approach  with the children in my care. I was one of a small group of people who set up a local Outdoor learning centre in the village  and we now hold regular forest school sessions. Allowing me to share this healing outdoor world with more people and spread the importance of spending time in nature!
As time goes by, more and more is being discovered about the benefits of being in green spaces and the damage that has been done by us becoming so dis-connected from our Earth!

So that is pretty much “Me in a nutshell”

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