With last weeks unexpected chance to watch some very BIG machines re surfacing the road outside, I have been thinking about how I can extend this experience and bring it in to our play.

I have seen a few sensory trays along this theme before and pinned a few on my pintrest board. Now seemed like a good time to try one out. I used some black eye and black beans which I had in the cupboard to line the tray. I found our “Happy Land” builders and popped them in there, added some signs from our car set and brought out a few books that I have on trucks and big machines!

This is also keying in nicely with our walks up to school. The school are having a new entrance made and we have had several weeks of watching diggers pulling up the old steps, cranes delivering building supplies and now we are watching the men building the old stone wall. The entrance is “Listed” so it has to be built within the style of the original entrance. It is looking lovely now that the old style wall is going up! We have had a great time watching their progress!

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