Despite the change in weather the past week or so, the outdoor kitchen is still the children’s favorite place to play. We are having to be more conscious of putting on wet weather gear which does mean the free flow is not as free as it has been over the Summer and early Autumn. Otherwise we get very soggy and mucky crawling babies! 
It is interesting to see the children notice the changes in this play space now that the season has changed. The bark chip is wet and squishy underfoot. There is always rain water in the pots. Interesting things are growing on the log stumps and in the woodchip!
Little “B” really likes to get out there and mix us some yummy dinners. She looks around for the right bowls, the right spoons and the right ingredients!

It was really lovely to watch her transfer water from one pot to another. She had to work out which pot was best for this job. She settled on a smaller one that was easier to maneuver, even when full.

She found out that pouring water in to the colander means that you loose all your water. But that pouring acorns in is just fine!

  • Natural play and exploration in the outdoor kitchen. Looking at the changes now the weather is changing. Pointing out the different temperature and look of the sky now Autumn has kicked in. Talking about appropriate clothing for outdoor play. Using Autumn items in our potions and play cooking.
    • Go on a nature walk and choose some more interesting things to add to the area like pine cones and sticks.
    • Have a selection of cold and wet weather clothing in the dressing up box and talk about why we wear them. Practice putting them on, doing them up.

    Little “B” spent much of this play activity, exploring and checking out how things work best. Through trial and error she worked out the right pots to use for the job she had in mind and which ones were just not suitable. She used her senses to learn about the natural items she was exploring. She felt the cold of the rain water, the mud on her fingers, the smooth acorns and the hard bits of bark. She was engaged and motivated by her own interest in transferring items from pot to pot. Lift and moving the pans and finding items to put in the water. She stirred wet and dry items and noticed the differences in how they feel.
    She was actively learning and showed extended periods of concentration. She problem solved as she chose the pots for each ingredient she used. The holes in a colander did not help her collect water but did work for collecting acorns!

    Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
    • Personal, Social and Emotional
    • Communication and language
    • Physical Development
    • Mathematics 
    • Expressive Art and Design
    • Understanding the world.

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