The outdoor kitchen area is still a big hit with each child who attends this setting. We are currently enjoying a very mild Autumn and thankfully we can keep the back door open which really does encourage the free flow play that I love to offer.
Little “I” and “L” are using this area and enjoying being able to incorporate some of our Autumn treasures that we have collected. We also found some weeds and small pea plants that we thought would be nice to include.

Little “X” was keen to transfer water from the water tray and bring it back to the kitchen for the girls potion.

The children used a number of skills in this play. Working together, sharing the resources, mixing, lifting large heavy pots.
The language that came out of this play was wonderful. There was a lot of cooperative, idea sharing. The children listened to each other and took on board what others were saying.

Little “L” seemed to be head cook and the other children came and went with cool ingredients that they had foraged from the garden.

This is easily the best resource I have made for my setting. I am really looking forwards to seeing how it is used in the winter. With a bit of luck we might just get some snow. that would be a cool material to use!

  • Natural play session outside. Enjoying fresh air, using imaginations and exercising our bodies.
  • Make observations to help plan further play experiences.
    • Use the observations made and us them to plan further play activities for the children.
    • Provide more outdoor play activities to build on this cooperative play that the children showed today. Outdoors seems to be a good place for this to happen as there is more space for the children to move in and less chance of individuals feeling cornered or threatened in their play.

    “L” was very keen to spend her time mixing and creating her potion. She was happy for the other children in the setting to join her and add items to the pot. She maintained focus on her play for a long time and was not easily distracted,
    “I” came and went in this activity. She dipped in and out, spending some time doing her own thing, such as using the water tray, building a bridge of loose parts and painting pebbles with a paint brush and water. 
    “X” happily selected his own role in this activity. He is very much in to transferring and moving objects. Water in particular is a favorite. He enjoys watching how it moves as it pours from one pot to another and often holds a hand under the stream so that he can feel it fall on his fingers and watch as they disrupt the stream. He was very content to run back and forth with pots to refill “L”‘s large potion pot. He also asked me to fill the sink with bubbly water so he could wash the dishes!
    Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
    • Personal, Social and Emotional
    • Communication and language
    • Physical Development
    • Expressive Art and Design
    • Understanding the world

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