Today we decided to put all the leaves we collected to good use!

Lots of lovely leaf printing. Not sure the girls really got the idea to start with, but after a while they realized they were meant to be painting the leaves and soon got right in to that! They did need some help with the printing part. They are a bit little I think, to manage this  by themselves. They did give it a good g,o but the prints they did without help, were not very clear. So I helped them with that bit!

Look at all that wonderful leafy loveliness!

Little “R” moved on to paint her hands and did lots of hand prints as well!
The paint soon moved to wrist… lower arm and once she was painting her elbows I decided  that maybe it was not the best idea to carry on with this and distracted her back to her paper!

We enjoyed some Heuristic play this morning as well! The girls had started to get a bit niggly with each other but this calmed them right down and they were back to playing together and chatting away.

The girls decided to get the threading reels out and do a little bit of threading. They are still choosing to use the pipe cleaners over the string. It is much easier and helps them build some confidence. We counted our reels and worked on our colour recognition at the same time!

The girls also spent some time watching the fish and trying to see the 2 VERY SMALL babies!

After school we made the most of the sun and went to park! It was so warm and bright! Lots of the village children were up there and it was great to see them all running around together!
We came home for some dinner and then Brendan stuck his Skylander model together and painted it! His arm fell of just before the photo was taken though 🙁

The girls also  enjoyed the new felt tree I made them. I even made some little Hedgehogs and squirrels to add to the scene.

After work, Kenzie and I made some yummy granola bars for a yummy treat! He is wearing the first batch round his face in this picture! One was just not enough!

Then it was time for Dragon story and bed!

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