Today we started to talk about hibernation and what our native birds and wildlife do over the winter months. We watched a little DVD about feeding birds to help them prepare for migration and what food is good for them. I thought we might make some bird feeders this week.
We explored our Autumn colours. Red, orange and brown! We used these colours to colour in our Autumn leaf pictures.

We explored our Autumn sensory tray and used our tree blocks and some silks to make nests for our hibernating creatures. We had some help from our little Elf friends.

We gathered nuts (or conkers in this case, pretend nuts) for our animals so that they had a large food store for the winter months ahead! This Squirrel is enjoying his yummy dinner!

Little “R” made a nest for her hedgehog! Doesn’t he look cosy!

Little “R” dressed up as a pumpkin!

We made sticker picture Autumn trees for our Autumn wall display. The girls are still finding it quite tricky to peel off the backs of the stickers. But practice makes perfect and all that!

These are some of the activities we had set out on the table today. We have a shape sorting puzzle, a threading board, our discovery bag and and Autumn tree with a bowl of laminated leaves in so the children can recreate our changing environment!

After school the house became a real hive of activity! First the Dinosaurs came out to play!

Brendan set himself up in a quite corner of the living room and lay out a cafe! I stopped by for tea and cake and he had several more customers after me…… in the form of 2 toddlers who he ended up barring from his shop after they ate all the ice cream and drank all his tea!

That’s one mighty big ice cream!

We enjoyed some reading. Little “L” is really enjoying her farm books. Especially the touchy feely ones.

Kenzie was not about to let the rainy outside stop his fun and body boarded up and down the hall!

The older children have also been keen to learn about hibernation and share the knowledge that they already have. Lots of lovely conversations while they made winter homes for their animals and gathered food for their stores!

Little “L” worked on her tower building. Fantastic balancing and a real steady hand.

Taller and taller!!!!

Till it fell!

Little “E” built his hedgehog a house in a tree. I asked how the hedgehog could get in the tree and he said their is a hole in the trunk and stairs inside! Look at all the food he has!

Brendan created a big Elf house! They are hard to see….. so they should be safe for the winter!

Kenzie made a food store for his Skylanders!

Little “R” went off to add leaves to our tree in the playroom!

And Little “L” came to help. Some lovely sharing and working together girls! Well done!

So much learning and fun! The children are keen to re-visit these activities again so they will be out for the week. I am interested to see how this play develops! 

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