Learning about our Amphibian friends is so much fun. We had a great time “Feeding the frog” with bean bags. They were labeled “air, food, shelter and water”. We took it in turns to see if we could get all the bean bags in to the frogs mouth and keep him alive. To be really truthful…. we didn’t do very well!

We also gave “Frog hopping” a go.

Little “M” decided to make it harder for everyone!

“R” made a great frog with really feet together jumps!

We then moved on to some identification activities. Each station focused on a part of a frog/ toads body and we had to guess which of the two examples given in each station was a frog and which was a toad! This picture shows the girls trying to work out what the frog and toads skin might feel like.

The last activity was learning about different markings on a newt. We learnt that the markings can help us to identify what type of newt we have found. Kenzie and “E” matched up the 2 examples on the back of our map, with the right newt pictures attached to the trees. He counted the spots to narrow down the choices and then looked at the pattern of then spots until he located the right newts.

Nature……. creatures….. learning…… AWESOME!!

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