So what have we been doing this week? Well we started the week at a friends Birthday party! Lots of yummy food, Pin the tail on the Donkey and Pass the parcel.

Looking at our letters, numbers and shapes. We used water colour pencils and the children used a paintbrush to paint water over the things I drew and the marks they made. This turned the pencil to paint!

Kenzie had a day off sick (not really that sick as it turned out!) and we found his Christmas doodle book to have a little draw in together.

We practiced telling the time.

Cooked cakes to sell at school to raise money for “Children in need”.

Couloured in some Pudsy Bear pictures!

We decorated our cakes for the cake sale!

Notice how Minecraft has been sneaking in to Brendan’s cake decorating!

The boys have been looking through then endless catalogs that fall through the letter box now that we are getting close to Christmas. I love that Kenzie still sees the beauty in good quality wooden toys and found several that he would like to add to his wish list!

Brendan helped to cook his favorite meal. Chicken fajitas!

We dressed up for Children in need today!

We have built towers! Look how high little “L” can get her tower now!

We have spent a lot of time with Duplo. Little “R” started to make her plane fly and gave it noises. Telling me the dog was flying!

We practiced our shape sorting!

We played with bottle top numbers! I helped Little “L” line them up in sequence.

Then we counted them. She is doing so well.

I am sorry about the poor quality photos. I used the ones off my mobile and for some reason it has shrunk most of the photos? VERY annoying!

We also made Poppy paintings which i know i took photos of but i think the phone might have lost them! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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