After the enjoyment of St Georges day and the general interest in dressing up as Knights and Dragons, I decided that we should extend this for a bit so that the children could re-visit it and explore it further. The children at Heathers had also asked for a specific Knights and Dragons week so we grouped our efforts and created some fun activities and experiences for the children! I will blog in more detail about this on another post. 
On the Thursday of this week little “I” came to play. She really enjoys dressing up and could not wait to get in to a Dragon costume!

I set up some Knights and Dragons small world play as well. Playmobil is always a hit with the little ones in my setting and this set was no exception. We had Knight training, jousting, Dragon fights and treasure battles taking place!

We borrowed some books from the mobile library. This one was all about Princesses and Dragons and was a nice twist on the “helpless princess”  stories that you usually get and showed the Princesses taking care of the Dragons for themselves! A nice strong and positive female role model!

Many Dragon books were enjoyed together!

We also made hobby horses, using mops from the pound store and large bits of cardboard for the heads. Here little “I” is painting her horses head. She asked for blue and red paint!

We also made some dragon flame blowers! These are really simple to make and so much fun to play with! Draw a dragons face on the cup and pop it to your face, blow and then look like a fire breathing Dragon!

We used the flame coloured tissue paper and some stickers to make some really cool sticky pictures!

Little “I” is getting really good at trying to writing her name now!

Look at these crazy two with their hobby horses and St Georges Day hats!

This photo was taken to the shout of “YEEHAA!”

We had lots and lots of dress up and pretend battles!

What a brave little knight!

I made the children some fire streamers using wooden dowels and fabric scraps all held together with an elastic band!

They also enjoyed a ribbon wand as well!

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