These are the last few days of the summer holidays and I have that sick feeling in my tummy about sending my boys back to school. Don’t get me wrong, they have a fantastic school! Only 30ish children in the whole school and  a real family feel. I wouldn’t have them anywhere else, but I just don’t want to have them away from me all day again. We have so much fun together and I love to watch them learning and discovering. 

With that in mind I decided to try and forget about this being our last few days and set about making the most of it!!
The boys started the day with a bit of computer gaming. I like to let them do this first thing and then set a time for it to go off. We have been working on making the house a screen free environment between 9 am and 5pm and it’s worked very well during the holidays. I do think that as the nights draw in and the boys are tired from a day at school that tv time might come forward a bit but I will try and keep it like this and see how it goes.
While they had this quiet time the toddlers and I did some Paralympics colouring. The boys then went up to get dressed and took little “E” upstairs with them to play Pirate and Dragon lego, where the little ones wouldn’t get hold of the pieces.
Little “L” and little “R” sat with me to look at some books we had on children with disabilities. I hoped this might help them to understand why some people need to use wheelchairs or hearing aids and why some of the runners had prosthetic limbs! Not sure how much they took in but they enjoyed the stories bless them. 
We then enjoyed some magnet play with letters, numbers and shapes. We did some counting and I lay out numbers in order on the board saying each number name as I did so. I pointed out numbers that were relevant to the girls. Number 2 for “R” because that is her age.
The boys had got board of Lego by this point so we decided to go and forage for some fruit for a crumble.

At this point we noticed that Playbus was on the green so ran across for a play. The girls enjoyed making paper boats and doing some sticking pictures. We looked at books and played with musical instruments while the boys climbed trees!
After playbus we continued our hedgerow forage and walked up the farm track to visit the cows. Kenzie suddenly got a spurt on and ran all the way up the lane! You can just see him in this picture, off in the distance.
We fed the cows grass, Mooooooed a lot at them and listened to their answers. Kenzie and “E” bent down to check if the cows were boys or girls and after about 15 minutes of chatting with cows we walked home, via the park for lunch!

After lunch the babies went up for naps. Kenzie and “E” played Pokemons in the living room and Brendan an I made rhubarb, blackberry and apple crumble together!

After popping our crumble in to the oven Brendan set about making a Solar powered car. It was a kit our friend gave him! He needed some guidance…. like “read the instructions” lol….. but once he had grasped that concept it was built very quickly and worked a treat! We learnt about how the panel turns the suns energy in to electricity and that then powers the motor which turns the wheels!
The rest of the afternoon was spent Junk modeling! Brendan has been making scenery for his Warhammer figures to go in. Yesterday he made a tower which was quite cool, but today he went all out and built a house with stairs. Lots of measuring, design, and construction. He worked on it for hours and I think he did a great job. 

The younger ones joined in as well, Kenzie helped “E” glue the bits where he wanted them. Kenzie was feeling very grown up as he was being trusted to use the Hot glue gun  “very carefully mumma”! He took this responsibility very seriously!

Look at the fabby spaceship “lab” that “E” made!

We sprayed it with some paint and let it dry!

The Pokemon moved in very quickly and stayed there having adventures until it was time for “E” to take his Spaceship home with him.

The girls spent most of the afternoon, after their nap, playing in the garden. Sadly I didn’t get any photos of this as I was cooking dinner but i know they spent a lot of time in the outdoor kitchen, reading the bath books and playing with milk bottle tops!
Tomorrow is our last day of the holidays….. but we won’t dwell on that now……..

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