Visiting our favourite play centre again and today they had several activities on offer with a focus on building and creating! 
The first challenge was to build a fidget spinner out of lego. Not as easy as it looked. My mind finds it hard to see inside an idea that I have and transfer that in to a lego creation. Brendan is great at it. It would seem that Kenzie is following in his footsteps and working out how things should go together to achieve his planned end result. His spinner worked really well!
“L” did a grand job with this too. They both used very different pieces and ideas for the axle in the middle but both span well.


Paul the woodwork man was in today as well. He is the Artist that helped us with the big Pirate ship youth project for TOLC this Easter. The children decide what they would like to make and he helps them to create their vision. “E” and his friend “G” made mini guitars. “G” is a very keen guitar player and doing very well with his lessons. Looks like making guitars might be an option for him too!


They then made speakers for them and used wire to attach them. I think they did a fantastic job on these. They look just like the real things!

The last session of the day was Airfix model planes. Brendan was volunteering to help with this workshop. His first support activity for the centre. I am very proud of him. Airfix is not easy and we all had a spot of trouble following the instructions. But we got several planes built and sent home.

All we need to do now is paint them! I think we might have some future Artists or Engineers in the making.

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