There are some foods that I just hate to dish up at meal times. It was bad enough when my boys were little, but I had a dog to help with the clean up. Now my dog is sadly no longer with us and I have many children at my table every day! Childminding is a great job!

BUT……. some food is just down right yucky to clear up! I have had it all. Spaghetti stuck to the walls and ketchup on my ceiling! But here are my top”5 MOST HATED FOODS TO DISH UP”. Especially to babies!

Number 1
The aforementioned Spaghetti! Not only is it a food that no one can eat politely but it seems to migrate around the kitchen as if by magic! If there happens to be a piece that has avoided the sauce coating you can guarantee it will be found sticking to something it shouldn’t. Walls, chairs, the back of another child! It seems intent on avoiding being eaten at all costs. I have even witnessed it escaping from a child’s nose after a poorly timed sneeze!

Number 2
Peas! They look harmless enough. What could they possibly do to wind me up so much? I will tell you what they do. They avoid being eaten too! They jump off plates and role under my appliances. It’s like an AGM for Peas under my fridge. They are all dried up and hard by now, but there they sit…. just out of reach of my hoover nozzle. Taunting me! And should one of them not make it to safety under my fridge then I inevitably end up stepping on it and then I end up with a green mush on my floor and my sock! Unlike the Spaghetti which likes to exit the nose…. This little bugger likes to go up noses! What is it with kids and the need to stick small items in small holes!?
Number 3
Banana. Babies and bananas are like tea and cake are they not? Perfectly matched? NO!! 
You hand a banana to a baby and it is turned in to a squashed lump of half sucked mucus! As if that is not gross enough it dries like cement if you are not quick to remove it! It is the stealth fruit in the fruit bowl. The Ninja fruit for ruining clothes. You think you got away with it….. you think you got the top in the wash quick enough….. you can see nothing when you fold up that top and pop it in the draw. But in a weeks time it seems to have “developed” slowly like an old Polaroid picture. The picture in this case is a big browny grey stain that will never come off ever again! I recon it is what they make permanent marker pens out of!

Number 4
Weetabix. This is not only a messy food going in but gives me merry hell on the way out! Another food that seems to set like cement in minutes. Miss the slightest bit during clean up and you will need a hammer and chisel to remove that stray blob! NEVER forget to put the bowl and spoon in soak. Actually sod it. Just serve it up in a paper bowl and bin the lot!
Just when you think the horror is over…. taken a sigh of relief and relaxed…. you see the “Poopy face” being made on your beloved child. Here comes round two! Return of the Weetabix! No amount of water and cotton wool, baby wipes, baby lotion, Scouring pads and Ajax will get those little flakes of wheat off your child’s delicate little tooshie! That butt is never going to be clean again!

Number 5
My all time pet hate….. The biggest of all “Most hated food to give to babies” is RICE!
Like Spaghetti it sticks…… to everything. I have seen children leave my table looking like they have an infestation of head lice! Little white blobs embedded in their hair. Not only this, but everyone steps in it because no one can eat without spreading it around the kitchen floor. This creates little areas of starchy sticky goo that drives me crazy with every step till I take my sock off and go bare foot. I could make non slip socks by standing on rice! In fact that is probably how the idea for those came about. Some poor bugger trying to maneuver around their kitchen after feeding their kids rice! It falls between the gaps in my chairs and gaps in floor boards but as soon as you try to scrape it out it disintegrates and spreads itself around a bit more for good measure! RICE…….. My arch rival.

So if you ever feed these foods to your children….. remember….. you have been warned! 
Do you have any you would add to this list? I would love to hear your most hated food to feed to kids!

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