Started our day with some playing in the outdoor kitchen area. This is by far the most favoured play space in my setting. I added some weeds and plant cuttings to the area and gave the children scissors to chop them up for their potions. Great fine motor strengthening activity.

We also had a spot of Basketball in the garden before heading over to TOLC. The local outdoor education centre. “J” has a pretty good aim and throw! He got basket after basket!

Once we arrived at TOLC Kenzie and his friends went metal detecting. They found all sorts of old junk…. I mean treasures! In one of his retrieval attempts, Kenzie ended up foot first in the ditch. Nice cold muddy foot on a hot day. He didn’t seem too bothered by it!

We took our bug hinting kit with us and the children spent ages under the trees moving leaves to find beetles, worms and snails.

Snail shells are interesting and colourful! They particularly liked this stripy shell!

Our littlest buddy had a nap under the trees. The best sleep you can have is outside sleep. I always find the children sleep for longer when they are in the garden.

We finished off our day sitting round the un-lit campfire and chatting, before going our separate ways. Lots of very happy and tired children ready for dinner and some down time!

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