Today was a home based day but we managed to enjoy a lot of “wild” moments in the back garden.
The children wanted to know who had pooed on the Dinosaur play area…… I was happy to tell them that it was Hedgehogs. This means that the rescues we have been releasing have not traveled very far! Greatr to think that they are still nearby.

My boys took a walk down to the Outdoor Learning Center and came back with this egg shell. we wonder if it might be a Pheasants egg. There were a couple of these lay on the floor.

This morning was spent planting some of our plants that we chose at the garden center. I let the children decide where they wanted them to go. They worked hard at weeding a space for them!

We did find ants looking after aphids on the roots of this weed. They caused much interest!

We relocated some slugs from the flower beds in to a more wild area where they would not munch on the new plants!

During lunch time, we checked on the Springwatch cameras and spent a long time observing the Bluetit chicks being fed. The younger children thought that the chicks could see them through the screen and kept waving at them. It was helpful to encourage them to eat up as well. I mentioned that the babies might like to eat their dinner for them!

While clearing away some old leaves we found this Bee nest under the shed. A great find and the Bee’s have been in and out all afternoon. They love to visit our Honeysuckle.

After watching the web cam live feeds, the boys set up their own nature camera!

They even made bird hides. This is one that they made for the younger girls to sit in. All set with Binoculars!

This evening I went out to tidy away toys and found this frog hoping across the grass. He was heading back to the pond. I have noticed that the usual 3 frogs have been absent the past coupole of days.

We spent some time in the shed this evening which we have now nicknamed our bird hide. It has a good view of the feeders and the birds don’t seem to notice us!

We watched a Dove mating dance and call. Which my eldest found very funny! His lady friend did not seem very interested, but as the evening went on she warmed to him and they nuzzled each other. I think scruffy has pulled!

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