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Q1: What’s your name? A: Pippa
Q2: Any nicknames or aliases? A: Pip
Q2: Your gender? A: Female.
Q4: Your star sign? A: Cancer and a stereotypical one too!
Q5: How old are you? A: 40
Q6: Your relationship status? A: Hand fast!
Q7: Any children? A: Yes. 2 boys
Q8: Any pets? A: 1 snake, 1 Bearded Dragon, 2 time share tortoises, several tropical fish!
Q9: Any tattoos or piercings? A: Ears and belly pierced! Like to Henna rather than tattoo as my likes change so often.
Q10: What do you like about yourself? A: My gentle nature and the fact I take everyone for who they are.
Q11:  What do you dislike about yourself? A: Anxiety and my naivety. 
Q12: Righty or lefty? A: Righty but eat like a lefty!


Q13: The last thing you drank? A: Cuppa tea! My life would not be complete without tea.
Q14:The last thing you ate? A: Graze box Garden of England box
Q15: Your last phone call? A: Someone trying to sell me cheaper Electricity.
Q16: Your last text message? To my sexy man!
Q17: Your last email? A: An enquiry about childcare 
Q18: The last song you listened to? A: “See you again” Wiz Khalifa
Q19: The last book you read? A: currently reading through “The genius of birds” by Jennifer Ackerman
Q20: The last time you cried? A: Watching my friends restaurant burning down in the middle of the night last week. Feeling so helpless.
Q21: The last blog you read? A: 100 Truths by Relentlessly Purple 
Q22: The last person you spoke to? A: My man to ask him the last time I cried!
Q23:  The last place you visited? A: Treacle’s tea room, for a full English breakfast in Thame.
Q24:  Your last holiday abroad? A: Barcelona in 2001


Q25: Have you ever gotten back with an ex? A: I had on and off brake ups with my first serious boyfriend.
Q26: Have you ever been cheated on? A: Not that I know of but know one of them was capable of it so trust was lost.
Q27: Have you ever cheated on someone? A: No.
Q28: Have you ever lost someone special to you? A: Family members and my dog who was my best friend! Broke my heart!
Q29: Have you ever been so drunk you threw up? A: Yes a couple of years ago because of someones vodka measures being 3 times what I thought I was getting!!
Q30: Have you ever fallen out of love with someone? A: Yes… see previous answer about being cheated on.
Q31: Have you ever met someone who changed you? A: lots of people for  good and bad reasons. 
Q32: Have you ever been in a situation where you found out who your real friends are? A: Yes. quite recently and I now have a smaller but truer circle of friends for it.  It was a good thing!
Q33: Have you ever kissed someone you probably shouldn’t have? A: Yes
Q34: Have you ever found out people were talking about you behind your back? A: Yes!
Q35: Have you ever broken someone’s heart? A: So I have been told.
Q36:  Have you ever kissed a stranger? A: No
Q37: Have you ever had your own heart-broken? A: Not by a man. Every time a pet dies. I just can’t cope with it.
Q38: Have you ever had sex on the first date? A: No. I have had sex on a non date. 
Q39:  Have you ever been arrested? A: Nope.
Q40: Have you ever been attracted to someone who isn’t the gender you usually find attractive? A: I know lots of woman who I feel are attractive but I wouldn’t say I have been sexually attracted to any woman.
Q41: Have you ever done something you regret A: Yes
Q42: Have you ever had a threesome? A: No
Q43: Have you ever embarrassed yourself in public? A: Oh soooo many times!
Q44: Have you ever misjudged someone? A: Yes sadly. I have had too many people show their true colours after time. But it always shocks me to the core. 


Q45:  Do you believe in God? A: I believe in a God but not as he is betrayed by religion!
Q46: Do you believe in yourself? A: yeah
Q47: Do you believe in Santa Claus? A: of course! If you don’t believe magic is dead!
Q48: Do you believe in ghosts? A: Yes. I feel them.
Q49: Do you believe in aliens? A: It would be pretty crazy of us to think we are the only life out there!
Q50: Do you believe in miracles? A: Yes
Q51: Do you believe in the power of positive thinking? A: It is how I live my life. 
Q52: Do you believe in love at first sight? A: I believe in LUST at first sight.
Q53: Can money make you happy? A:Only in the way that it makes your life comfortable. Too much or too little is a bad thing!
Q54: Would you describe yourself as a feminist? A: Not if being a feminist is anything like the man bashers I have come across online the past few years. They just seem to be Anti men! I believe in equality for all. But I also believe men and woman have natural strengths and weakness that come with gender. 
Q55: Are you pro-life or pro-choice? A: Pro-choice.
Q56: Do you have strong political beliefs? A: Yes…… I believe politics is pants and full of lies.
Q57: Do you have strong religious beliefs? A: Nature is my religion.
Q58: What do you think the most important thing you can give a child is? A: unconditional love, gentle but firm guidance and boundaries, your time.


Q59: Are you eating anything right now? A: My youngest just made mince pies for pudding! They taste soooooooo good!
Q60: Are you drinking anything right now? A: Nope. I am feeling the need to go make a cuppa!
Q61: What are you listening to right now? A: Watching a film. 
Q62: What are you thinking about right now? A: Pausing the film, making a cuppa and eating another mince pie!
Q63: What are you waiting for right now? A: My man to say he will go make the cuppa!! …….. Still waiting.
Q64: What are you most excited about right now? A:CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
Q65) What’s your pet hate right now? A: Not being able to Hibernate through the winter and having a teenager that leaves a crapnado in his wake.
Q66: What’s your favourite thing right now? A: Laying in bed nice and warm having cuddles with my man.
Q67: If you weren’t answering these questions, what would you be doing right now? A: Writing another blog post.


Q68: Your first best friend? A:Tasha. She is still with me now and we will always be best of friends!
Q69: Your first kiss? A: I can’t remember!
Q70: Your first celebrity crush? A: Shaking Stevens when I was about 5 years old!
Q71: Your first holiday? A: Canada when I was 3
Q72:  Your first pet? A: My first pet that was my VERY OWN, was my rabbit Snokey! I used to treat him like a baby!
Q73: Your first regret? A: No idea.
Q74: Your first job? A: Working in my parents shop.
Q75: Your first childhood memory A: I was about 3 years old in Canada. Lots of little memories from there. The plane, family, camping in the mountains, watching divers jump off a rope bridge. all sorts of memories.


Q76: Love or money? A: Love every time!
Q77: Twitter or Facebook? A: Twitter.
Q78: Hook up or relationship? A: Relationships.
Q:79: Dogs or cats? A: Both for different reasons. They are both amazing!
Q80: Coffee or tea? A: Tea.
Q81: Beer or wine? A: Can’t stand either! VODKA!
Q82: Sweet or savoury? A: Mostly savoury.
Q83: Introvert or extrovert? A: An Introvert mostly.
Q84: Vampires or werewolves? A: Werewolves!
Q85: Seaside or countryside? A: Countryside.
Q86: Summer or winter? A: Summer
Q87: Books or movies? A: Books.
Q88: Horror or comedy? A: Comedy


Q89: Do you wish you could change your past? A: Sometimes but the path I have taken has lead to where I am now and I can’t imagine not having my family and living where I do.
Q90: What’s your dream job? A: I think I am doing it! Would love to get in to more support and training within the early years sector. 
Q91: What’s your guilty pleasure? A: Chocolate
Q92: What are you afraid of? A: Loosing my kids.
Q93: What was the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up? A: A hairdresser
Q94: If you could have any super power, what would it be? A: Invisibility!
Q95:  If you could change anything about your life what would it be? A: Having anxiety.
Q96: Would you want immortality? A: Nope. Sounds awful.
Q97:  If you could interview anyone alive or dead who would you choose? A: I have no idea.
Q98: Would you say you are happy?  A: Yeah. The happiest I have ever been!
Q99:  What one piece of advice would you give to yourself at age eighteen? A: Get counseling for your anxiety sooner so you didn’t have to live with it so long.
Q100: Where would you like to be in five years’ time?  A: Right here!
So that’s me in a nutshell….. or 100 nutshells!
Now think about who you would like to tag and find out a little bit more about your blogging friends! I am actually cheating and only tagging 5 bloggers!

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